Captured again senorita!
~ Zarkos mocking Daphne.

Zarkos is a supporting antagonist in the first live action Scooby-Doo film. He was one of Scrappy-Doo's henchmen.


He is a very muscular man, with blue eyes. He wears a wrestling costume, consisting of shorts, a belt, and a mask covering most of his face. His muscular physical appearance makes him very attractive yet also intimidating at the same time which adds to his attractiveness


He can be cocky about his physical strength & dominance over most people at times.


Scooby-Doo (film)

He captured Daphne and removed her protoplasm from her body and a demon possesses her.

During the final battle, he fought against Daphne. Near the end of the fight, he caught her off guard & threw her onto his back in an argentine backbreaker, with his left arm around her neck & right around her left leg. She eventually broke free when she bit him & subsequently defeated him after kicking him into loose well beams after which he fell and landed onto the pool of souls accidentally setting them free.

He is last seen while he, N'Goo Tuana and Scrappy are being arrested.