Zaphora (Chaos!)

Zaphora was a villainess from Chaos! Comics.


Zaphora lived in the Netherworld, whether or not she was there before the Trinity of Evil is never revealed. It is, however, made claer that she was thri servant, and she did a fairly good job at it.


On behalf of her masters, Zaphora hired Pagan to remove Lady Death from Hell. She was also conspiring with both Cyr and Pagan to help her masters conquer Hell. When Cremator attempted to Free Apolyon, Zaphora disguised herself as Lady Death and attempted to talk him out of taking such an action. Cremator, however, discerned her deception and continued with his plan.

Once Apolyon was free, Zaphora took the form of Medusa and attended a meeting of the Archudkes of Hell. WHen they realized they needed help, she suggested taht they call Asteroth   in to help them, and when he arrived, SHe told the Destroyer of Destroyers only that the Archdukes had subverted Satan's intentions (a technically true assertion) which lead to Ateroth attempting to destroy the other Archdukes.

She did, however, meet her demise at the hands of Pagan and a small band of demons. Pagan's recent dismemeberment at the ands of EVil Ernie lead him to need a new skinsuit, and Zaphora's shapeshifting abilities made her a perfect candidate.