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Warriors! Show some Guts! You can't defeat me! Come and get me if you can! Ahahahahaha!!!
~ Zang Zip

Zang Zip is the main villain from Victory Road/Dogosoken. He is an evil alien overlord who have taken over the planet Alexia Lomta. Zada, a denizen of this planet, search for Earth's greatest warriors, contacting the Ikari Warriors Ralf and Clark, explaining the situation and asking for their help. The two warriors are then transported to the alien planet, and as soon as they arrive they are greeted by Zang Zip himself, who mocks them and dares them to get him, flying away and dispatching his hordes of alien mutants after the warriors.

Of course the alien army is no match to the two toughest warriors of Earth, who defeat them and confront Zang Zip, who takes on a monstrous form but is defeated, being banished from the alien planet which is brought back into peace.

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