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Zane Willis is a main antagonist on K.C Undercover. He appears in the special Double Crossed episodes. He attempts to take down the organization and the Cooper family.


He is portrayed by François Chau.


Zane previously ranked above Craig during spy training when he was with the organization. He had romantic feelings for Kira, but when she chose Craig over him he sought revenge.


He is evil and very intelligent, but appears to have a soft spot for his son.

Character History

In Double Crossed Part 1 he sends the Coopers a message, telling them that he is coming for them.

In Double Crossed Part 2 he kidnaps K.C and keeps her in a barn. He creates a fake K.C., whose real name is Bernice, to replace her while she's kept prisoner.

In Double Crossed Part 3 he invades the Cooper's home, but fails to defeat them.

Physical Appearance 

He has grey hair, brown eyes. In the special, he always wore a black jumpsuit.


Brett Willis 

Brett is his son. He seems to have a pretty good relationship with him. At the end of Double Crossed Part 1, Brett is seen saying "the plan is working", revealing he is his son. During the promo of Double Crossed Part 2, he is seen revealing to K.C that he is his son. He captures K.C in a car ride during a date, and afterwards, a double version of K.C is revealed, yet to be part of his plan.

Other Relationships 

Kira Cooper 

Zane was in love with Kira, but became bitter because she picked Craig over him.

Craig Cooper 

Twenty years ago, Zane and Craig were best friends, but their friendship ended because they had both fallen in love with Kira. Craig was assigned to terminate Zane after he turned evil. When Craig found Zane they fought, but Craig was overpowered by Zane. They then made a deal, Zane would let Craig live in exchange for letting Zane disappear.

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