I've been waiting for a long time to meet you K.C. I was very fond with your parents but their love and marriage made me go a little... what's the word I'm looking for? (K.C: Insane?) I was going to say eccentrically evil but your works too.
~ Zane introducing to K.C.
Zane Willis is the secondary antagonist of K.C. Undercover. However, with the upcoming Season 3, it appears that Zane will be the main antagonist of that particular season.

He attempts to take down the Organization and the Cooper family. He also works for the group called "The Other Side," which he is the leader of the evil organization.

He is portrayed by François Chau.


Twenty years ago, Craig and Zane were partners with the Organization. Soon enough, they were partnered up with Kira King (now Kira Cooper). Them both fall in love. Kira chose Craig and them both get married, which Craig chose Zane to be the best man in their wedding. However, a dark side was revealed to him and was recruited to be an evil spy by The Other Side. When the Organization found out about Zane being evil, so they assigned Craig to eliminate Zane. As Zane was about to eliminate Craig, he switched to the good side and soon disappeared without any trace.

In the present day, flowers were sent to Craig and Kira in honor of their 20th wedding anniversary. But, the note said that Zane is after them, the family, and the Organization.


He is evil and very intelligent, as he still holds a grudge against Craig for stealing Kira. With Zane's dark personality and hatred, that is the reason why Kira chose Craig over Zane. Zane assigns his son Brett to do much of the handy work for him and not give him credit. Zane is desperate to destroy the Coopers. Sometimes, Zane sometimes make fun of Craig.

Physical Appearance

He has gray hair and blue eyes. Always wear black exception of the special episodes.


Zane appeared in Double Crossed - Parts 1-3, Trust No One, and Family Feud.

Double Crossed - Part 1

Zane sends flowers to Kira and Craig in honor of their wedding anniversary. However, it's a warning that he's coming after them. In addition of sending in the flowers, Brett sends a message to his father that they got the Coopers where he wanted to be.

Double Crossed - Part 2

Zane sends Brett to capture K.C as they plan to go to a Beyonce concert in D.C. In a rural field in Virginia, K.C is held captive and Zane walks in. Zane introduces himself and threatens that he would eliminate her family. However, he sends Bernice, an usurper to continue in Zane's plans.

Double Crossed - Part 3

K.C loses her mind and talks to a rat that she named Madame Wimsey. Zane continuously checks up on K.C with a camera he set up in the barn. With K.C's hidden gadgets, she uses a voice recorder from her ring to uncover Zane's plans. In some cases, Zane is over Kira choosing Craig... not! After K.C fought against Brett and up against Bernice, Zane disguise as the Organization's tech support named Chip. He actually knocked out the regular Chip in a parking lot and is at the Cooper household. Zane hacks the Organization's video system and shows K.C and her parents that he has Ernie and Judy captive. Zane wants to have Craig sacrifice himself and leaves the rest unharmed. As Craig sneaks back inside the house, Kira talks to Zane to let go of his grudge against Craig. Craig successfully defeats Zane.

Trust No One

K.C was trying to figure out who is the mole for exposing the Organization's secret information. She tracks down to none other than Zane. With him locked up, K.C asks if he knows anything about the mole. However, Zane planted a bug in K.C's room for the code. During the events of "Double Crossed," Zane had time to place the bug before showing a video that he captured Ernie and Judy. Zane called his Other Side reinforcements to bust him out with the code and becomes an outcast until the time has come for him to be a leader.

Family Feud

In the very end of the Season 2 finale, Zane camps out until he gets an urgent call. Zane was informed that Richard Martin, the head of the Other Side, was captured, along with Erica and Abbey. Zane asks who would be running the operations. Zane gets the promotion of becoming the leader. With the promotion, Zane puts the fire out and cannot wait to get revenge on the Coopers, especially K.C.