Zanco is the main antagonist of animated film La Storia di Leo. He's a brute white elephant obsessed with power, he murdered the king of herd of elephants over a hunters attack and tries to seduce the Queen Avoria to marry with him and become the new king. But his plans are thwarted when a vegetarian lion named Leo is lost in the jungle with cubs of Avoria and the cubs begin to want Leo as father.


In the past while hunting of elephants the King Ele was hit by a bullet and was knocked down, but survived. Zanco with jealous of him and wanting to steal their leader position used out of the hunt to kill him without any other elephant know,. After the Ele death his wife Queen Avoria remained pregnant without her husband.

After several months happened another hunting season in the jungle, Avoria was about to give birth to their cubs when she met the lion Leo. Leo fled with the Avoria's cubs when hunters started a fire in the jungle. After a long time Zanco starts a chase Leo to bring Avoria's cubs back and marry with her.

At the end of the journey, Leo says goodbye to his friends and decides to return the cubs back to Avoria, however Zanco finds he and decides to take return the cubs on their own to win so all the credit. But on the way back Zanco abuse the cubs and tries to kill them, Leo tries to stop him and Cobo appears to help he, but when Avoria appears Zanco mind saying that Leo wanted to devour their cubs and tries kill him, but ends up hitting Cobo who almost dies.

Leo decides to go after them and stop the wedding revealing the Avoria which was Zanco who killed her husband. Zanco starts to fight against Leo, but in a trap ends up being captured by hunters and gets taken away being defeated.


  • Zanco is very similar to Scar from The Lion King; both they killed the leader of his herd behind become kings, they cheat with lies, has a lion as main rival and have scars on his face (Zanco received his scar after fighting against Leo).