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Zanbamon is one of the main villains in the comic book Digimon Next, but he is also one of the main villains in the manga; Digimon Xros Wars.


Zanbamon is a Mega Level Digimon that resemebles a shogun or samurai that appears to be riding a zombified horse. However, it turns out that Zanbamon's entire lower half is the zombified horse.

Digimon Next

Zanbamon was a member of the Commandments. He originally served as one of the Commanders of the army. Despite serving Barbamon, Zanbamon had a sense of honor. After he was defeated, he redeemed himself and help the main protagonists defeat NEO.

Digimon Xros (Manga)

Zanbamon is a member of the Bagra Army. He served as one of the generals.

Zanbamon's Minion