Bonjam. I am Zan Partizanne, the eldest of the three generals of magic. At first I thought you to be just a simpleton with a knack for annoyance. Hmph! Now it is clear you are an interfering interloper! But I am afraid your unwanted wanderings end here. By the will of our beloved liege, Lord Hyness, Officiant of Doom... I shall destroy you here and now!
~ Zan Partizanne as she engages Kirby for the first time.

Zan Partizanne is the secondary antagonist in Kirby: Star Allies. She is the leader and the oldest of the three Mage Generals of the Jambastion Cult. She is voiced by Ryoka Yuzuki.


The first of her appearances is as the final fight in the Jambastion. She is the final mage Kirby faces, being angry at his defeat of her sisters. She takes him and the Star Allies on herself, but she loses and destroys the Jambastion as she escapes.

Her next appearance is at the end of the game. She is battled before Hyness, blocking Kirby and co. from confronting him. She fails again, and when she asks Hyness for help, he backhands her out of the way and goes to fight Kirby himself, leaving her unconscious in the background for the first half of the fight.

She and the other sisters are later drained of energy and used by Hyness in his battle as meat shields and weapons. During the battle, Zan and the others can be heard crying out in pain when striking the ground or becoming part of a Friend Circle. Hyness eventually sacrifices them, as well as himself, to Void Termina, becoming trapped inside its core until Kirby defeats the core and frees them. Zan and the others lie on the ground and drop health pickups, until Kirby and his allies grab the core and eject themselves out. After a few seconds, Zan and the others come flying out as well, flailing in terror, and disappear offscreen. This is the last we see of her, the other sisters, or Hyness.


Zan Partizanne's hands are disembodied like the other two generals, but her main defining feature is her long yellow hair. The symbol on her hat is one that can be seen throughout the game as it is a logo of the Jambastion Cult. In addition, her hat comes with yellow markings, possibly to symbolize her leadership of the other two mages.


Zan is extremely loyal to Hyness, even though he is said to abuse her and her sisters. Despite this, she pledges her loyalty to him, due to his "intoxicating charisma". She is also extremely protective of her younger sisters and does not want to let them come to any harm. It is presumed that along with Hyness, she and her relatives were also banished to the edge of the galaxy aeons ago.


  • A "partisan" is a type of throwing spear that is used in England by the Royal Guards. This is also the weapon that she battles Kirby and co. with.
  • It's implied that Zan, along with her sisters, suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, due to the fact that they dedicate themselves and are protective of Hyness, despite his harsh treatment to them.
  • She is the only Jambastion Mage whose name does not begin with the letter F.
  • A datascan revealed a potential Wave 3 for Star Allies, revealing that Zan and the other sisters will become playable upon said Wave's release. This may imply that she, Francisca, and Flamberge have had a change of heart after Hyness' abuse towards them and being drained of energy to support Void Termina.


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