The Zan-KT series are a reoccurring model of Matroid used by the Matrintis Empire and antagonists in Tensou Sentai Goseiger.


Zan-KT0 of the Shot

Prior to the Matrintis Empire's fight with the Goseigers, Zan-KTO was deployed to destroy the Negakure Temple to obtain the power source that Metal Alice had detected within it. However, he was defeated by the time-travelling Gokaigers using the Timeranger Keys before being scrapped by GouZyuJin.

Zan-KT of the Shield

Zan-KT is the first Matroid used by the Matrintis Empire, sent to capture humans while able to fight the Goseigers due to the data he got on them. Though destroyed by Gosei Ultimate, Zan-KT's specs are used to build a stronger model.

Zan-KT2 of the Shoot

After being built, Zan-KT2 of the Shoot uses the battle data from his predecessor's fight with the Goseigers to have an advantage until Gosei Knight intervenes and the Matroid is destroyed by Gosei Ultimate and Gosei Ground.

Zan-KT3 of the Short

During the Matrintis Empure's final attack, an army of Zan-KT3s are deployed with the attributes of the previous models. However, as they rise from the sea to the beach, Zan-KT3s are all easily destroyed by the Goseigers.

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