Zakuro (石榴) is one of the Eight Devils of Kimon and a major antagonist in Ninja Scroll.


Zakuro is of average height with an attractive figure. She has black, shoulder length hair, with a long scar across her face, and similar scars on her body. She dresses in bandage-like wrappings across her torso, a wide red obi (belt), and a long red cloak with long white feathers at the shoulders. She will also wear a very broad straw "sun hat" when outside.


Zakuro is an interesting individual to say the least. She loves Yurimaru, but he refuses her advances as he only has eyes for Gemma. However, she is loyal to Himuro Gemma, and follows his orders (for the most part). She is notably overconfident and vainglorious in her ability to take out a foe (such as her blasting apart the cliff top and then simply leaving), and can be utterly and totally ruthless, seeking revenge at a far later date, when her target will least expect it (such as her blasting Yurimaru to bits just as he was ready to fry Jubei).

Powers and Abilities

Zakuro has two separate abilities. The first is the black powder she carries on her person. She has around eight bamboo tubes of powder strapped to her body. Once opened they will spill out a large cloud of powder grains, which will detonate with great force the moment someone applies an open flame. The second is her ability to create "zombies" (for lack of a better term) out of corpses (or what look like corpses). The zombies apparently follow her orders and have exactly one ability: to detonate into a cloud of flame. Aside from her more spectacular abilities, Zakuro also carries a quantitative amount of bo shuriken, and is a good enough shot to sever a candle wick with one.


Zakuro is in love with Her superior Yurimaru but he refuses to have anything to do with her, even telling her to go away later on. This drives Zakuro to blow him up with an Explosive Rat, and she is eventually seemingly killed by being blown up with her own gunpowder.