Zain and Gimell are the two knights who are left-hand and right-hand men of Nausizz in Crossed Swords 2. Nausizz summons the two to deal with the 3 warriors who started on a quest to defeat his army of darkness. Zain and Gimmel summons many powerful monsters to defeat the three warrior, but they all fail.

They first appear in Act 1 of the game along side with Nausizz. After declaring that those who dares to obstruct Nausizz will see hell, Nausizz, Gimell and Zain leaves the vicinity, forcing players to fight against mutant rat soldiers. After players successfully deal with mutant rats, Zain and Gimell reappear in act 2 of the game and decide to give Rats one more chance by granting and empowering the leader rat with cybernetic armor that shoots a gigantic maceball for projectile with augmented strength, endurance, resilience and stamina. The Mobile Rat failed.

The two reappear in act 9, ice hole of Girea. Unhappy with the fact that players have made so far into Nausizz's castle Raduin, Zain and Gimell summons 'assassins from the East' (ninjas and samurais etc.) to kill players, but they too failed like so many minions and monsters before them.

In Act 11 in which the players approached Nausizz's doorstep, Zain and Gimell finally decide to take on the heroes by themselves. but they end up being defeated and were reduced to rubbles in death.



  • When playing as co-op players will have to engage the two fighters simultaneously and the two must be defeated separately. But when playing as solo, player do not have to kill both of them: just killing one will also kill the other.