I worked with the mercs on another job a long time ago. I guess I did good. They came back and had the offer of a life time.
~ Zachary
Wiping out an entire planet?
~ Wash
You call it genocide... I call it one hell of a paycheck.
~ Zachary in Accentuate the Interrogative
Zachary Miller was a mercenary who affiliated himself with the Space Pirates in Red vs. Blue: Season 12.


Zachary first appears after the Blues teleport out of Crash Site Alpha. He attempts to stab Caboose with his combat knife but is tackled to the ground by Carolina. Later, Miller is interrogated by Carolina, who fails to get him to talk. Then, Zachary is tortured into submission by Dr. Grey, a female Federal Army medic. When finished, Dr. Grey informs the Reds and Blues that Miller is now ready to talk, even willing to tell them the coordinates to a nearby radio jammer.

Zachary is then interrogated by Washington and Carolina, who ask him for more information on the Pirates. Miller tells them his history with the Space Pirates. After that, Wash and Carolina ask him for the coordinates to the radio jammer. But before he can, Zachary is assassinated by another Space Pirate.


Zachary Miller, much like his Space Pirate teammates, is dark and twisted individual who seems to enjoy taking part in the genocide of the inhabitants on the planet Chorus. He has a cold demeanor, as he appears to have no qualms with killing innocent people.


  • Zach's armor consists of an Enforcer helmet, Prefect shoulders, Stalker torso, Recruit forearms, ODST legs, and a Frost visor.
  • Zach is the first and only known member of the Space Pirates to reveal his full name.
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