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Twinkle, twinkle, little star. How I wonder what you are.
~ Z

Emperor Z is the main antagonist of Ressha Sentai ToQger.


Raised by Marchioness Mork, Z's arrival in the human world was being prepared by the Shadow Line while Baron Nero opens a path connecting their railway to Z's location. However, unlike his subordinates, a moment in Z's life changed his ideals forever as he developed an obsession with light. This unhealthy obsession lead to him leaving his Kurainer prematurely to see the human world, meeting Right and realizing he and the ToQgers are those who were swallowed in darkness before he is forced to be carried by his followers when he begins to die from being in the light for too long.

Meeting his future wife Miss Gritta, Z fell in love with her eyes as he redecorated Castle Terminal to suit his taste. But while he first appeared to be clueless to the treachery of Madame Noir and the agenda General Schwarz, Z played them both by feigning ignorance so he can absorb Glitta to obtain her inner light. Though he now wants the ToQgers' light, Z is warned by Mork not to allow himself to end up being consumed by their light.

He later kills both Noir and Schwarz for disobeying his orders out of the demand that Glitta be released from his grasp. This would make him absorb their darkness and sink the ToQgers' childhood hometown of Subarugahama into the darkness underneath the ground, as well as summoning multiple Kuliner Robos to attack the ToQgers in order to buy him more time to retreat to the Castle Terminal.


  • His actor also portrayed Sōsuke Aizen in live musical adaptations of Bleach.

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