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Z-Bot Prime is the main antagonist of the video game Wonderland Adventures: Planet of the Z-Bots by the indie game developer Midnight Synergy, which is the third installment in the Wonderland Adventures Trilogy, and the leader of the Z-Bots.


Z-Bot Prime was once just a normal Z-Bot on an exploration mission in the icy fringes of space. It was on this mission that he discovered the Void Crystal and touched it, powering him up into his current form and causing a massive explosion, which created a rip in space through which The Void started flowing into the universe. (The rip also released fireballs into space, which were the same ones that rained down on Wonderland from the sky in the previous installment, Mysteries of Fire Island.)

An unknown amount of time after that, the trouble that the Z-Bots had been causing in Wonderland made the Constellation Council decide to banish them, including Z-Bot Prime, to a faraway planet. Right before the exile however, one of the Z-Bots built a machine called the Sky Machine, which, when activated, would send a signal into space that they could follow to get back to Wonderland. The Z-Bots made the planet their new base of operations, using the Void Crystal to provide power to themselves and their machines, not knowing (or perhaps being simply indifferent to) the fact that doing so would eventually cause The Void to engulf all of existence.

Planet of the Z-Bots

At the end of Mysteries of Fire Island, the player character activated the Sky Machine under the assumption that it would save Wonderland from the fireballs raining down from the sky, allowing the Z-Bots to invade Wonderland one again. When all hope seemed lost, Wysp appeared and took the player character and all of the Rainbow Wizards, save for OobibanDeNoobi and Cedric-in-the-Morning, to the Planet of the Z-Bots in order to stop them once and for all, which they attempt to do by destroying the Void Crystal. But before they have time to destroy it, Z-Bot Prime appears and attempts to kill them. Thankfully, they are saved in the nick of time by the Elder Rainbow Stars casting a Rainbow Portal spell. Unfortunately, the spell also transports the player character and Guggenheimer to the planet Barren, Doondilf to Qweryx, Zoopi Lala back to Wonderland, Grennfleagel to Jaava, Morklin to a dimension between space and time, and Wysp to Uo.

After the player rescues Morklin, Z-Bot Prime teleports the player back to the Planet of the Z-Bots, where he again tries to eliminate them. However, the player manages to escape back to Wonderland.

After rescuing Wysp and all of the Rainbow Wizards, they and the player travel back to the Planet of the Z-Bots in order to attempt to destroy the Void Crystal a second time, but Z-Bot Prime catches them once again. But before he can kill them, Wysp teleports them to The Void, where the Rainbow Wizards finally destroy the Void Crystal by filling it with every color of the Rainbow, which causes the Void, as well as the Planet of the Z-Bots, to start collapsing. As the heroes try to escape, Z-Bot Prime tries to eliminate the player one last time by sending a UFO after them. This proves to be his downfall as the player is able to use Flash Magic to make the UFO go behind Z-Bot Prime instead, and since the player was standing in front of Z-Bot Prime at the time, the UFO's fire ends up hitting Z-Bot Prime instead, destroying him once and for all.


  • Z-Bot Prime is the only major antagonist in the Wonderland series to be killed off.

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