Yxxxxx (or also Mutix) is a parasite or intergalactic-neurotic megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur, villain from the movie Imaginum. Although its size is small, your ego and insanity are the size of an entire galaxy. Have abrupt changes and extreme mood swings: one moment he is innocent and patient, sometimes it is hysterical and threatening, but must always be considered highly dangerous and violent.

His only goal in life is to conquer the universe, which is why he was banished from his planet after destroying nearly all their star system in its desire to dominate and interned in the Galactic Space Asylum, where he is on the wing maximum safety.

After being held at the Space Asylum, he along with other aliens as Rovor, Tovot, Sovos and run away and escape from the place where he prepares his evil plan, after finding the only planet in the Solar System that has the most powerful substance universe and the galaxy and that this planet is the planet Earth.

After landing has developed a machine that transforms objects into real objects and that's where the machine is released and transformed a species mutation with the ability to freeze objects and people are still objects.

It is the main villain of the film, starring the voice of Eugenio Derbez.