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In the movie "Mr. Troop Mom" Yvette was a member of the opposite team. She has expensive pink extensions in her hair. Along with Skyler and some other girls bully the other team Killer Bees mainly Naomi. She is portrayed by Mayan Lopez.

Running Gag

A running gag within the film is Yvette always falling into mud. Much to her horror.

  • During the bucket race she slipped and fell into the mud pit.
  • When the Killer Bees pranked her and her team they all ran outside and all fell into and patch of mud. When she tried to stand up she fell back into the mud.
  • During the food fight she got covered with chocolate sauce all over her face and hair.
  • Before the next challenge the Killer Bees covered the swing rope with slime so it would become slippery. During the next challenge she had to use the rope to swing across another pit of mud however do to the slime her hands slipped and she fell into the mud.