~ Yuuko mad at Hideyoshi after he accidentally make her reputation ruined
Yuuko Kinoshita is the ambassador of Class A and an antagonist in the manga and anime Baka and Test. She is Hideyoshi's older twin sister by two or three minutes. 

In Baka and Test :Summon the Beasts

Yuuko acted as the primary villain during season one. During a summoner test war, after everyone was off guard due to a fragment of the school collapsing, Yuuko attacked Yuuji off-guard and Class A won the match. Although it may not have been considered cheating, everyone else thought it was uncalled for (except for the teachers). Later, she felt guilty and decided to do a different type of match with Class F (Akihisa vs Shouko).

At one point in season two, Yuuko forces Hideyoshi to have him pretend to be each other. It was because Yuuko took an offer on singing, but she was tone-deaf and that her brother could actually sing well. As she pretended to be him, Hideyoshi pretended to be her. When Class F decide to framed her, Hideyoshi pretend as her for once again, where Hideyoshi treated Class C like garbage, thus having Yuuko (briefly) blamed for it. 

Personality and appearance

Unlike her brother, whom is always calm, Yuuko is always mad, prideful, energetic, and often feels superior than the other students. Even though her twin Hideyoshi is better at extra-curricular activities, her academic level is a lot higher than Hideyoshi's which is why she constantly calls him an idiot.

Yuuko is very identical with Hideyoshi except for her hair bang.Because they are so identical, is very easy for Hideyoshi to pretend as her. She has short brown hair, green eyes, and pale skin. Her school uniform consists of a white shirt and a short red skirt. In house, she tied her hair, wear pink hoodie and a short.


  • She was voiced by Emiri Kato in Japanese and English dubbed by Brina Palencia, who also voiced her brother, Hideyoshi Kinoshita.
  • Yuuko probably is a Fujoshi since she shown like to read Yaoi novel or manga, but she decide to hide it from the others and become extremelly embarassed when someone found out about that