Desserts are the only things that are important to me!
~ Yutaka Kazami
Miles. It's been a long time...Since your Uncle Ray's been this angry.
~ Tateyuki Shigaraki (Ray Shields) in response to Yutaka Kazami's confessions.

Note: Translated names will be used for convenience.

Yutaka Kazami (Dane Gustavia) was a pastry chef who took part in Jeff Master's confectionery contest in 2000. He is a character in the episode "The Inherited Turnabout" of Ace Attorney.

He specialized in making candy into various shapes by using candy pumps to fill them with air and then molding them. He murdered fellow contestant Isaac Dover, in what became known as the IS-7 incident. However the blame was pinned on Master and he was not revealed to be the killer until 18 years later. He is also later revealed to be the father of Simon Keyes.

He appears in the third case of Gyakuten Kenji 2.



  • His name was Dane Gustavia in the fan translation, with his last name sounding similar to "gustatory", which is a word used to refer to things associated with tasting or the sense of taste. "Dane" is the demonym for a citizen of Denmark, although in-game he is said to be Russian.
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