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Yurika Hakonaka
Yurika Hakonaka is the main antagonist of Yurikuma Arashi and a bear who is mostly shown in human form, Her English voice actress is Colleen Clinkenbeard who also voiced Janes from Cat Planet Cuties.



Yurika Hakonaka was once a bear cub who was abandoned at the foot of the school’s doorsteps. She was saved by the original person who runs the school and was stuffed in a box. However, she felt betrayed when the person decided to leave her only for Yurika to kill the person.

Eventually, Yurika cuts some lilies to keep in the boxes until she met Reia and fallen in love with her. After becoming friends, she gives Reia a pendent to symbolize their friendship. But years later, Reia gives birth to Kureha and Yurika felt betrayed. After a few more years has passed, Yurika became even more desperate and wanted to see Reia again.

But before she could get to her, Reia gives Ginko the pendent before saying goodbye to the small bear. Once Yurika noticed that Reia gave up the pendent, she became entirely heartbroken and murdered Reia. After that incident, she faced the Judge Bears and declared that she decided to give up on love.


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