Yukiya Naruse is a member of Ryo's group and is a computer hacker. He appears in Code Geass: Aktio the Exiled where he tries to abduct EU General Gene Smilass and threatens to be a suicde bomber but fails and eventually fights to serve the European Union in the W-0 group to oppose Britannia and its expansion in Europe. He serves as a professional hacker breaking into Glasgow security measures and bypassing security in many computer systems even miltary systems.


Three years prior to the events of Akito the Exiled, Yukiya was suffering from domestic abuse at the hands of Japanese school boys as they mamed hs left hand and gave him a scar down jis whole hand. In response to this he constructed an IED and blew up the entire school killing his tormentors and all of his classmates and everyone else inside the building and fled to the sewers where he met Ryo and his group. Three years later during the events of Akito the Exiled he is seen with Ryo and Ayano Kosaka where he gives Ryo access to a Glasgow and kills most of an unknown opposing Mafia. He then joins Ryo in an attempt to capture General Smilas but is foiled by Akito. He then attempts to be a suicide bomber but is fioled when he is promised a home in the EU and is relieved of all crimes including the murder of EU soldiers and accepts the new home. Yukiya is currently part of the W-0 Special Forces Division and pilots and Alexander-Type 02 Knightmare Frame equiped with a long range rifle.


Due to years worth of abuse by Japanese school boys and the murder of them Yukiya has a strong deep hatred of the Japanese people despite being an "eleven." He views Ryo and his organization as his real family and fights for them as a skilled hacker. He is similar to Ryo only wanting a home for him and his friends and ignoring the needs of the Japanese people.