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Yukiko Sasaki

Yukiko Sasaki

Yukiko Sasaki is the Sweets Gaia Memory user.

Yukiko Sasaki

She is a maid at the Sonozaki estate with a sweet tooth that she cannot satisfy, only able to be a food critic instead of a pâtissière because she could not cook very well. As her Dopant form, Yukiko kidnaps the top pâtissiers hired by the Sonozaki family by dragging them in her "Sweets Cream" state to a small building on the grounds to make pastries only for her.

However, when Akiko attempts to weed out the wrong culprit with her sweets, Yukiko kidnaps her with Mai Asakawa, the daughter of her previous victim. Though intending to kill Akiko for disgracing her love for sweets, the Sweets Dopant is battered by Akiko using a chair before Kamen Rider Double finishes her off with HeatJoker's Joker Grenade Maximum Drive.

Sweets Dopant

Sweets Dopant

Dopant Form

  • Height: 212 cm
  • Weight: 101 kg

As the Sweets Dopant, she is able to fire a whip cream that hardens like cement to trap her enemies.

Sweets Man

Another Sweets Dopant appears in Kamen Rider W Returns's Kamen Rider Eternal entry, transforming from a man named in the credits as the Sweets Man. The character is portrayed by Riku Sanjo, head writer for Kamen Rider W.

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