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I'm more than willing to stuff a vibrator up your ass!
~ Yuki, threatening to rape "Freya", an Organization "witch"

Yuki Tsuchiya is an agent of The Organization, trained in the handling and care of the "witches", girls implanted with alien parasites by the organization in order to give them superhuman abilities. Yuki first appears when caring for Mizuka, an extremely powerful witch with the power to travel forward in time to change the future, but a horrible cost to her physical self. Yuki sympathized with Mizuka, and it was ultimately her actions that caused Mizuka to disobey orders from the Organization to ensure that the protagonists of the series are killed by a special forces unit. Instead, Mizuka rebels against the Organization and aids allows her targets to survive, though at the cost of her own life. Yuki is not seen again for several chapters of the manga, reappearing as the handler of a witch codenamed "Freya", who possesses the power to perfectly interface with any technology and hack any computer. Freya, for her part, only aids the Organization because she is rewarded with new video games, and does not wish to comply with her orders to protect the Organization's computer system. Instead, she hacks into Yuki's private records, and reveals that she is a fujoshi, or female fan of homoerotic works of fiction, having ordered a number of hardcore gay pornographic doujinshi (fanmade manga), as well various vibrators and other sex toys. Shortly afterwards, Freya reveals that Yuki runs a blog where she posts gay pornographic fanfiction based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, even reciting a particularly cringe-inducing line from one of her works. Yuki is infuriated by Freya's revealing her secrets, and slaps her across the face an then threatens to rape her using on of her vibrators, although it is not clear whether she was trying to intimidate her or actually would be willing to commit such an act. After this threat, Freya agrees to obey her, but fails to protect the computer system, allowing Kazumi Schlierenzaur, a technopath sided with the protagonists, to hack the database, a failure which Yuki states Freya will be severely punished for.