Yukari Horiguchi in Castle of Shikigami II

Have you heard the rumors? Of course! Back by popular demand, it's Yukari version 2! I always get the hex I'm aiming for. Sorry, but this is as far as you go.
~ Yukari Horiguchi

Yukari Horiguchi is a recurring boss from the Castle of Shikigami series, appearing as the fourth boss in the second game and the first boss in the third game.

In the real world, Yukari is a regular schoolgirl who works part-time in a flower shop. In the second game, she is the final guardian of the Castle of Shikigami, her spirit being summoned to protect it. She was hospitalized in the real world, but she wakes up upon being defeated. In the third game, an illusion of her appears as a new guardian of the castle, this time with her flower-shop attire. She's been dating Gennojo Hyuga, though he didn't told anyone about this.

In the second game she attacks by summoning cards, her patterns varying depending on the cards she's using. In the third game she uses petal flowers, though her patterns are much easier, since she's now the very first boss.