Yui Rio

Yui Rio is a student at Akademi High School, and a minor antagonist in the work in progress game, Yandere Simulator. Yui Rio is the 2nd character in the game to have the Evil persona, after Info-Chan. She hides among her fellow students pretending to be normal, when in actuality she is completely different from them. She seems to be nuetral, as she doesn't directly target anyone. However, she does find joy in seeing death, and even compliments Yandere-chan after witnessing her murder, and promises not to tell. Although she is evil, she stays out of affairs, and doesn't risk being an accomplice to Yandere-Chan. Her motivations are currently unknown.


  • As Yandere-Simulator is currently in development, Yui Rio may undergo heavy changes, or be removed entirely.
  • She is in the cooking club
  • She was originally a "Loner" persona, but was changed to "Evil".