You will never understand what I went through!
~ Yui Hongo

Yui Hongo (本郷 唯 Hongo Yui) is a villainess of the anime and manga series Fushigi Yuugi.

Biography Edit

Yui has met Miaka Yuki since they were kids in kindergarten. Since then, they become best friends as they grow up in high school.

However, it all changed when they found a fantasy book. It places them in the book world. They got separated. While going around, Yui almost gets raped by a gang and gets saved by Nakago, the main antagonist and leader of Seiryuu. He manipulates her into thinking Miaka set the ambush, making her go to his side and planning to take Tamahome away from her.

Near the end, Yui admits that she knew Miaka didn't betray her, something she didn't do. Then she uses her last wish to allow Miaka to summon Suzaku and gets devoured by Seiryuu. Luckily, Miaka saves her life, rebuilding their friendship, but not before she plans to yell at her about all this when the mess is fixed.