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A drawing of a Yowie chasing a man.

The Yowie is Australia's version of the Yeti, although they are generally classed as a different creature, like the Yeti they are considered by some as a "missing-link": a mix of human and ape - however the Yowie have a reputation for being a fairly aggressive creature and even before colonization of Australia their were Aborigine legends about "wild men": whom the native tribes were said to have fought with.

The Yowie is also blamed for the mutilation and death of household pets such as dogs, the reasons for these attacks could be predatory or simple aggression - rarely (if ever) has a Yowie been depicted as killing a human (though if the Aborigine legends are to be believed the Yowie wasn't beyond fighting with humans in the past).

Some view the Yowie as a relative of the Bunyip - another Australian monster/cryptid - which puts a more supernatural slant to the creature and discredits it in the eyes of many scientists.

Yowie, Whowie, Wowie

Before it was considered to be an Australian yeti, Aborigines once believed about a nocturnal beast with a similar name in myths. A hybrid creature of the night, it assumes a form midway between a reptile and an insect. Those who have glimpsed it say that it has six legs like an insect, the head of a great lizard, a body scaled either like a beetle or a reptile, and the tail of a snake. Apparently, this yowie lives in deep caves and only ventures forth after dark in search of prey. Some of the livestock losses blamed on dingoes may in fact have been caused by prowling yowies.

See also

  • Yeti (the Abominable Snowman of the Himalyas)
  • Wendigo (man-eating monster from Native American myth)
  • Bunyip (a fellow Australian cryptid)

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