Yoo Yee

Yoo-Yee was a skilled and well-trained Kung Fu fighter. He is an actual monk that not only has Kung Fu skill, but is even able to fly. He always wanted to be the Chosen One, and he would do anything to take that title. He is incredibly self motivated to the point that he has a disturbing habit of talking to himself at times. In determination of usurping Sheen Estevez as the Chosen One, he took Libby Folfax prisoner and ordered Sheen to fight him, promising to set her free if Sheen won. Although not seen, it is revealed in his only appears in "Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen" that he has a sister who has a room with ponies on the wall and a bad CD collection, much to a captive Libby's dismay. Despite being a skilled fighter, he seems to be unable to defeat opponents with the eye of the tiger, as seen when Sheen was able to acclaim it and defeat him. In the end, Yoo-Yee was easily defeated by Sheen.