A threat...a demand...when issued by one with absolute, overwhelming power becomes simply inevitable fate...after all, who could possibly oppose it? That is the existence known as the Yonko! And this is what it means to be driven to your very wit's end...!
~ Pekoms on the scope of the Yonko's power.

The Yonko, Four Emperors, are the four most notorious and most powerful pirate captains in the world (by the World Government). They are neither allies nor enemies of one another, preferring to remain autonomous under most circumstances. These four individually reside within the second half of the Grand Line (also known as the "New World"), exerting impressive influence/control over dozens of other pirate crews and self-governing islands. With the exception of Shanks and the Red Hair pirates & Edward Newgate and the Whitebeard Pirates, they serve as one of the main antagonist groups alongside the World Government and the Marines.


  • "Whitebeard" Edward Newgate (Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates; deceased)
  • "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach (Captain, later Admiral, of the Blackbeard Pirates, and former member of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Shichibukai)
  • "King of the Beasts" Kaido (Captain of the Beasts Pirates)
  • "Red Hair" Shanks (Captain of the Red Hair Pirates  and former member of the Roger Pirates)
  • "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin (Captain of the Big Mom Pirates, the matriarch of the Charlotte Family and queen of Totto Land)

Power and Authority

In the world, the Yonko are apart of the three great powers which consists of the Marines, the Shichibukai, and the the Yonko themselves.

Physical Power

The Yonko as individuals are known to be very powerful pirates. Their powers are feared greatly in the world to the degree that if one of them decides to rage a war against the World Government such as Whitebeard, it would be considered a very dire threat to them. In the Marineford War, for example, the World Government needed thousands of Marines, the three admirals, the vice admirals, and the Shichibukai to assist in their battle against Whitebeard, his crew and allies.

The Yonko are renowned as being one of the strongest pirates in the New World that are formidable. For example, Kaido is known as the "Strongest Creature" in the world and is described to be very powerful and dangerous. Charlotte Linlin is also known for her immense power and strength along with her crew that have a powerful intelligence network.

Political Power

In the New World, the Yonko are shown to have political power over the islands that are allied with them. Unlike Whitebeard, who is protective of these allies, other Yonko like Charlotte Linlin is strict on their allegiance with them. For example, if they do not pay her tons of candy monthly then she will have her crew-mates destroy the islands that were allies.

In Big Mom's case, she has dominance over her own territory, Totto Land that has 33 islands that form an archipelago. She is known as the queen of Totto Land. In other cases, Kaido has an alliance with the Shogun of Wano Kuni and likely holds significant political power in that territory.


As one of the three great powers in the world alongside the Marines and the Shichibukai, the Yonko have significant authority over the New World. They have control over multiples islands and nations in the New World and have political powers in each of these locations. With their position in the world, the Yonko helps to maintain power in the world.


World Government

As pirates, the Yonko may conflict with the World Government and are seen as enemies to them as well.


With the shichibukai, the yonko have connections to some of them such as Kaido forming an alliance with former shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo to help him produce SMILEs so that it can help him expand his army. Charlotte Linlin also used to have a relationship with former shichibukai, Jinbe, until he lost his privileges as a shichibukai for not participating the war and later leaving her crew.



  • The Yonko are one of the three great powers in the One Piece world along with the Shichibukai and the Marines.
  • Even though he is not a villain, Edward Newgate (or Whitebeard) is the only Yonko who actually died in the series so far.
    • Whitebeard and Shanks are the only non-villainous Yonko.
  • The current Yonko in One Piece are Marshall D. Teach, Kaido, Charlotte Linlin, and Shanks.
  • Before the Marineford War, Whitebeard got into a conflict with Kaido but the issue was resolved by Shanks.
  • Kaido is the last Yonko to make an appearance in the series.
  • After the events of the Whole Cake Island arc Luffy is now considered, at least by the World Economic Journal, to be a fifth emperor among the Yonko after being recognized for his actions.


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