Yon Rha

Yon Rha

I'm afraid I'm not taking prisoners today.
~ Yon Rha to Kya

Yon Rha is a malevolent but cowardly retired general of the Fire Army, who appears in the Season 3 episode The Southern Raiders of the Avatar the Last Airbender series.

Yon Rha is the firebender responsible for the murder of Katara's mother Kya. In an attempt to please Katara, a reformed Zuko helps her to find her mother's killer. They attack the military unit that Yon Rha commanded but learn that he retired four years ago. They then head to the little village where he lives.

There, Yon Rha goes to get fruits for his mother (a controlling and abusive shrew) and percieves a presence watching him. On his way back, he hurls a fire blast at Zuko and Katara telling them to reveal themselves, only to be overpowered by the furious waterbender. He then explains that he was sent to kill the last waterbender of the South Pole Tribe and that Kya sacrificed herself in order to protect Katara. Katara then reveals that she was the actual waterbender and bends the water droplets around her to form sharp icicles. He then cowardly offers Katara to kill his own mother so that he would know her pain, hoping to get rid of her, but she does not buy it.

However, Katara realizes before landing the finishing blow that Yon Rha is nothing but a sad, pathetic old man, whose wretched life is punishment enough. She then leaves him sobbing uncontrolably. Despite this, she never forgave him.