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~ Yokozuna's catchphrase (and finishing move)

Yokozuna (real name Rodney Anoa'i) was a pro wrestler who competed for the World Wrestling Federation in the early to mid 1990's.

His gimmick was that of a sumo wrestler (even though in real life, Rodney Anoa'i had never competed in sumo) and for much of his time in the WWF he was one of their most menaching heels, weighing in at around 600 pounds, and supposedly ending the career of Hulk Hogan in 1993.

During his time with the WWF he was a two-time WWF Champion. In 1994 at Survivor Series, he was defeated by a resurrected The Undertaker who vow to get his revenge on him for putting him down the months ago due to this angriest destructive behavior, then Chuck Norris has prevented Double J (Jeff Jarrett) from interfering the Casket Match.

Despite his death in 2000, Yokozuna was inducted in the Hall of Fame by his cousin Rikishi, his Banzai Drop was used by this latter in the memory of him.

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