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Take your best shot boy
~ The Yokozuna's main quote

The Yokozuna is the sixth boss in the video game Madworld. He's ranked 53rd on Deathwatch. The Yokozuna is a rather tall sumo wrestler. He has banners on his back with symbols. The Yokozuna bears a striking resemblance to Augus from Asura's wrath.


The Yokozuna is the final boss in Asian Town. Jack fights him in a large sumo arena. The Yokozuna is so strong that he can jump in the air, grab a helicopter and tosses it at Jack. There's a total of three rounds during this boss fight and each round has a hazard on the end of the rings. The first round contain spikes. The second round contain electric fences. The third and final round contain cannons that'll shoot anyone to an active volcano. During the power struggle, Jack forces the Yokozuna towards, the spikes, electricity, or cannon. After the third power struggle the Yokozuna falls into one of the cannons and gets shot into a volcano, killing him.