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Yobs (a British term for "thugs") appear as minor antagonists in Hector: Badge of Carnage - hanging around a park statue they verbally harass Hector and threaten to stab him with a broken bottle when he gets too near.

Hector is not intimidated by the Yobs but finds them a hinderance to his main goal of repairing the clock tower, noting part of the statue could substitute as an hour hand - the Yobs refuse to move and harass Hector some more.

Thus Hector bribes the Yobs into leaving by giving them a packet of breath mints, which he pretends are a new street-drug called "nobs" (British slang for "penis") - the Yobs are stupid enough to fall for this and take the bribe: heading off to a corner of the park to start a "nob rave" while yelling out "yeah! yeah! we love nobs!".

Upon getting rid of the Yobs Hector notes to the audience that he now understands why some mammals eat their own young.