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Ying-Ying Bird

The Ying-Ying Bird

The Ying-Ying Bird is a subordinate of Hannibal Roy Bean. The Ying-Ying Bird is a black and red bird that serves as Hannibal Roy Bean's messenger and transport. It disguises itself as a parrot to impersonate the Bird of Paradise, and fools Jack Spicer, who takes it home and calls it "Little Jack." When the Moby Morpher is revealed, it later abandons Jack after Kimiko's showdown with Wuya for the Moby Morpher with a squawk of, "Fetch your own Wu, sissy boy!". It steals it and takes Jack to the Ying-Yang World to free Hannibal Roy Bean. In addition to being able to pass in and out of the Ying-Yang World at will, Ying-Ying is the only character besides Hannibal Roy Bean who is able to enter or exit the world without losing or gaining chi. This means that the Ying-Ying Bird is pure evil. The Bird also serves Hannibal Roy Bean as a spy, using his ability to project images from its memory into open space like a video.


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