Yetti (DBZ)

Yetti is a gigantic monster, and the most feared creature on the planet Arlia. He is loyal to King Moai. He only appears in the seventh episode (and its redub counterpart) of Dragon Ball Z.

Whenever one of Moai's henchmen loses a championship battle and survives, Moai has him thrown into The Pit to be eaten by Yetti. Greger was one such victim.

When Vegeta and Nappa killed Moai's champion Lesoy and the rest of his guards, Moai sent Yetti after them as a last resort, telling him that they were very bad men. Even the king's trump card was no match for the two Saiyans; Nappa pulled Yetti's finger off and destroyed him with an energy wave.


  • Yetti is a giant brown monster who resides at the bottom of a pit that a ruthless king sends unfortunate victims into to be eaten. This gives him an undeniable similarity to the Rancor.
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