The Yeti Vampire Freak was a cryptozoological creature that appeared in the Annoying Orange: Mac And Cheese.


He resembles a yeti with fangs, bat wings, long black hair, and a red cape. He was mentioned by Agent Cheese as part of a game called "Pin the Tail on the Yeti Vampire Freak". Later, he was heard growling offscreen, thought by Agent Cheese to be Orange blowing on a horn. However, the Yeti Vampire Freak appeared and briefly danced to the song "Yeti Vampire Freak" before attacking Agent Mac. It bit through his box and began devouring the macaroni inside him, then carried him away to eat. Agent Cheese vowed revenge against the beast, but was sliced in half by Knife. The Yeti Vampire Freak later made a cameo appearence at the end of the episode playing Orange's horn and yelling "RIIIIICOOOOLAAAA!"


  • He is a mix of the Yeti and a vampire.
  • The music of the song is similar to U Can't Touch This.