The Yeti, also known as the Abominable Snowman, is a mythical cryptid (or monster) that is supposedly native to the Himalayas, however many countries have variations of the beast: often considered a relative of sorts to the Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) the Yeti stands out as being depicted as more aggressive and dangerous - at least in the folklore of the local people who live in the area. 

The Yeti has often been considered elusive but there have been reports by some sherpas of the beast attacking them and their livestock, which makes the Yeti different from the almost universally placid Sasquatch (although some accounts of the Sasquatch are also of a less than pleasant nature).

Although by far not the most dangerous of cryptids said to exist (and certainly not the most dangerous being of folklore) the Yeti is nevertheless often believed to be a creature that is best left alone - it is also a popular basis for many monsters in fiction, due to it being a more aggressive beast.

The Yeti is also often depicted as carnivorous - though this is far from a universal trait (the idea of a carnivorous hairy humanoid is also depicted in the myth of the Wendigo).

Examples in Fiction

  • V.V. Argost from The Secret Saturdays is actually the Yeti of Himalayan legend.
  • The Yeti also features as the main "villain" of the Disney ride Expedition Everest and was depicted by an impressive animatronic image of the Yeti, standing in at 22 feet in height. 



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