The Yeti is a minor villain from the adventure video game, King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. It is a fierce beast that resided in a crystal cave.

When Graham and Cedric were captured by Queen Icebella, they were told that they may be free if they rid the mountains of a yeti that has taken residence in Icebella's crystal cave. Graham defeats the Yeti by throwing a custard pie in his face and then the Yeti falls off the cliff to his death. This is infamous for being the most ridiculous puzzle in the game, as a pie is the last thing anyone would think of using to defeat a monster, there are several other items in the player's inventory at the time that would make more sense, and it is possible for the player to eat the pie at any point, which makes the game unwinnable.

If Graham does not have the custard pie or decided to eat it, the Yeti will kill him. The player loses the game if the Yeti is not killed.

It is unknown if this Yeti was the same creature that Alexander encountered while on his journey to Daventry. It is possible that it is another Yeti.