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Wormwood... the bright star shall fall from the sky... and many will die from its bitterness
~ Yerzinia's prophecy.

Yerzinia is the antagonist in the second book of the Shadowmancer series, Wormwood. She is the sister of Satan and was once an angel but fell with her brother. Unlike her brother, she is pure evil and wants the whole Universe to worship her. She plans on altering reality, and rewriting history as hers. Yerzinia feeds off human souls and human suffering, and she plans on bringing about the comet Wormwood onto Earth, smashing humanity to destruction and destroying the city of London. Yerzinia plans on capturing and killing Abram the angel, and brainwashing her enemies - Blake and Agetta - into her ways. She has already brainwashed Tegatus, a rich scientist, into being her puppet, but he eventually stands up to her and drags her into the Thames with him and destroys her with an infection of plague when the comet smashes into the Moon and disintegrates leaving her schemes in chaos.