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You tried to hide your suit from me? Now, it's gonna blow up in your face and destroy everyone you care about.
~ Darren Cross to Hank Pym
I'm gonna disintegrate you!
~ Darren Cross to Ant-Man during their first fight
Sorry, sweetheart, you have to help daddy pay for his mistakes.
~ Darren's last words
Darren Cross a.k.a Yellowjacket is the main antagonist of the 2015 Marvel superhero movie Ant-Man. He used to be Hank Pym's former assistant until he forced him out of his own company and took Pym's place as CEO. Since then, he has been planning to revolutionize the future of warfare and espionage with an advanced weaponized version of the Ant-Man Suit: code named the Yellowjacket.

He is portrayed by actor Corey Stoll.


Darren Cross is a former protege of Hank Pym and the CEO of Cross Technologies; a rival corporation of Stark Industries. He later becomes the super-villain Yellowjacket.



Assistant to Hank Pym

Darren Cross graduated from MIT as valedictorian at the age of twenty. He was hired directly from MIT by Hank Pym, and for a time worked as his assistant. However, he became obsessed with learning the secrets of Pym's Ant-Man Suit, and his size-reducing Pym Particle technology. At some point, he forced Pym from his company, Pym Technologies, and took over as CEO, renaming it Cross Technologies.

Present Day

In the film, Darren shows Hank his new project: a weaponized version of the Ant-Man Suit, codenamed the Yellowjacket. Which he wants to spread around the world to revolutionize the future of warfare by selling the suit to the highest bidder. However, he has yet to replicate the Ant-Man's Pym Particle technology into the prototype so that it's safe for human use, as it degenerates the cellular structure of living organisms, turning them into a pile of lifeless genetic material. Hank, horrified at the danger the new suit poses, chooses prisoner Scott Lang to become the new Ant-Man and steal the Yellowjacket from Darren before it is perfected and unveiled to the world.

Eventually, Darren finally duplicates the Pym Particle technology into the Yellowjacket, albeit an imperfect version that drives the user insane when worn for too long. Darren does not realize this however, thinking he perfected the suit, and visits Pym at his house to gloat and kill him. However, he is unable to do so when he realizes his assistant, Pym's daughter, is also present. Realizing his former mentor might intend to use his own Ant-Man Suit to stop him, he instead invites Pym to the unveiling ceremony to prevent him from doing so, while also increasing security.


Yellowjacket and Ant-Man fight each other for the first time

When Ant-Man breaks into Cross Technologies and attempts to steal the suit, he is instead captured by Darren, who reveals he knew about their plan and intends to sell both the Yellowjacket and Ant-Man suits to HYDRA, represented by former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Mitchell Carson, while maintaining the monopoly on the particle used to fuel the suit. He then shootsHank in the chest but Hank survives. When Ant-Man breaks out of the trap, Darren attempts to escape in a helicopter with the Yellowjacket; but Ant-Man follows him as Cross Technologies and it's research is destroyed by bombs planted by Ant-Man earlier.

With no alternative, Darren dons the Yellowjacket suit and fights Ant-Man inside the helicopter, eventually duelling in a briefcase which falls out of the helicopter, landing in a pool. Rising from the water, Yellowjacket is about to attack the owners of the house, but is incapacitated by Ant-Man, who swats him into a bug zapper. However, Ant-Man is arrested before he can destroy the Yellowjacket suit. Enraged at Scott for losing his company and driven insane by the imperfect shrinking formula, Yellowjacket arrives at Scott's home and attempts to kill his daughter, but is stopped by Ant-Man and Paxton. After a fierce fight with Ant-Man, Yellowjacket prepares to kill both Paxton and Ant-Man's daughter, but Ant-Man defeats him by shrinking to subatomic size and sabotaging the wiring in the Yellowjacket suit, causing Yellowjacket to shrink uncontrollably until he is ripped apart.



  • William Cross - Cousin


  • Cross Technologies - Company
  • James Rondell - Interviewer
    • Mitchell Carson - Buisness Partner
    • HYDRA Buyer † - Buisness Partner


  • Ant-Man / Scott Lang - Enemy and Killer
  • Hank Pym - Mentor turned Enemy
  • Hope van Dyne - Assistant-turned Enemy
  • Stark Industries - Business Rivals
  • Frank † - Associate-turned Victim
  • Ant-thony † - Victim
  • Cassie Lang - Hostage
  • Jim Paxton
  • Gale
  • Maggie Land


Did you think you can stop the future?! You're just a thief!
~ Darren Cross to Scott Lang/Ant-Man during their battle
Imagine....a soldier. The size of an insect.
~ Darren Cross presenting the Yellowjacket
Now where did you go, little guy? There you are!
~ Darren Cross as he attempts to kill Scott Lang/Ant-Man during their final battle



  • In the original comics, it is Hank Pym who is Yellowjacket after giving up the Ant Man mantle to Scott Lang & Darren Cross in turn is a separate villain who had no association with the original Ant Man, who happened to be Scott Lang's first enemy.
  • The Yellowjacket Suit was partially inspired in the Eric O'Grady's Ant-Man Suit in the comics. Eric O'Gradyis the third person to inherit the Ant-Man mantle, after Hank Pym and Scott Lang.
  • The Yellowjacket Suit is named after a Yellowjacket wasp, the common name in North America for predatory wasps of the genera Vespula and Dolichovespula, that are known simply as "wasps" in other English-speaking countries.
  • The Killer/Purple Man also has a similar death. He also has insanely death screams and was crushed by his suit.
  • Despite that Cross is introducing the Yellowjacket suit for Mitchell Carson and HYDRA represnatives ,and mentioning its name, the mentioning is briefly, because Cross didn't adopted the alias of his suit just as Hank did with the Ant-Man suit.

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