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Yes, my diamond?
~ Pearl addressing Yellow Diamond.

Yellow Diamond's Pearl (affectionately dubbed Yellow Pearl in the credits) is the personal servant of Yellow Diamond and a minor antagonist on Cartoon Network series Steven Universe.

She is voiced by Deedee Magno-Hall, who also voices the Crystal Gems' Pearl and Blue Diamond's Pearl.


Her build and facial features are similar to that of Pearl of the Crystal Gems and Blue Diamond's Pearl.

She sports a beige or pale peach maillot with a similar bustline to Blue Diamond's Pearl. She also wears a puffy canary yellow sheer silk shoulder sleeves and no skirt, as well as pale yellow long stockings and bright yellow flats. In the fashion of her owner, she has a puffy yellow pixie haircut that is pointy and in a similar bob design and pale yellow skin. Her Gem, a yellow pearl, is on her chest, a round polished cabochon, similar to Blue Diamond's Pearl.


As the personal assistant of one of the highest ranking gems on Homeworld, Yellow Pearl holds her job very seriously, chastising Peridot for using the direct Diamond Communication channel no matter the circumstances. She is very smug, as she gave Peridot an unctuous grin when Yellow Diamond tells Peridot off.

While incredibly loyal to Yellow Diamond, she is very intimidated by her as well, flinching when addressed by her.


Message Received

Yellow Pearl first appears when Peridot contacts Yellow Diamond's main headquarters with the Diamond Communicator, acting as a sort of secretary. Yellow Pearl tries to dismiss Peridot, Peridot not being a high enough to use the direct Diamond Communication channel.



  • Given the resemblance Yellow Pearl has to Yellow Diamond, it is implied that Pearls are custom made to resemble their owners.
  • Peridot says that Pearls are meant for "standing around" and "holding [their] stuff for [them]." Here however it is shown that Pearl can be used for other such tasks. In this case, Yellow Pearl is used as a personal secretary for communications meant for Yellow Diamond.
  • Yellow Pearl is the third Pearl ever shown in the series after the Crystal Gems' Pearl and Blue Diamond's Pearl.
  • In "Message Received", Yellow Pearl has a grin on her face when Yellow Diamond is talking to Peridot, indicating that she is proud of serving her.
    • This grin also somewhat resembles that of the Grinch's.