The Yeknom is the antagonist of the Snooper & Blabber episode "Outer Space Case." He is a purple monkey (whose name is "monkey" spelled backwards) who steals a Layor Ybur ("royal ruby" spelled backwards) on Mars. He also tries to shoot Super Snooper and Blabber when they try to get the stolen ruby in the Layor Ecalap ("royal palace"), especially when they spot him in the Layor Nehctik ("royal kitchen"). He even shoots the miniature spacecraft they fly on; however, although Snooper is ready to give up, Blabber speaks in the Yeknom's language and convinces him to give up the ruby by trading a peanut for it. As soon as this is done, the Martians elect Blabber as their leader, and the latter isn't willing to leave his people so soon, so being allowed a month's absence (without pay, of course), Blabber stays on Mars, while the Yeknom takes over as Snooper's assistant (working for peanuts, of course).