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Yee Fung
You make me feel puky!
~ Yee Fung

Yee Fung is the second mini-boss encountered in Madworld.


Yee Fung is a fat Chinese man wearing a spiked beetle costume. He can use his costume to roll up into a spiked ball.


While roaming Asian town, Jack had to find the turtle orb. Apparently, Yee Fung swallowed the Turtle orb. Yee Fung fights by rolling up into a spiked ball and rides on ramps. During the Power Struggle, Yee Fung will try to run into Jack, but Jack uses his chainsaw to block Yee Fung. Jack then lifts Yee Fung in the air and kills him with his chainsaw, aquiring the turtle orb.

Even though Yee Fung gets killed, he, along with the other mini-bosses (Except for Death Blade) reappears in the Tower Level. The only difference is the Yee Fung has a bunch of Mini-Yee Fung fighting Jack.