Yavana is the Witch of the Wilds, daughter of Flemeth and sister of Morrigan.

She appears in Dragon Age: the Silent Grove as a supporting character. She freed King Maric from Antivian Crows because she planned to use Maric's blood to awaken the Great Dragon. However Aurelian Titus took him from her. She . Alistair, Varric and Isabela find her and she informs her about why she needed Maric and advices Alistair to abandon searching for his father. Maric's son gets captured by Prince Claudio and his friends ask Yavana for help, she refuses until Varric agrees for a bargain. Yavana saves Alistair and temporarly summons spirit of Claudio to learn from him that Aurelian Titus is behind this. Yavana takes Alistair to her hideout and offers him to fulfill's his father's deal and help her to awake the Great Dragon. Alistair has enough of being manipulated by witches so he stabs her in stomach. If she survived this or no is unknown.