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Yasha is a robot who seeks revenge after "Samurai Park", an old amusement park in Colspaly City, was closed for bankruptcy, leaving Yasha and the other mannequins abandoned. She possesses telepathic powers to awaken the manneiquins, who attack intruders, and she can also view any area of Samurai Park. She becomes possessed by Panther Zora, and later transforms into a large snake woman.


According to local historical records, there was once an amusement park named Samurai Park where a section of downtown now stands. Yasha is a robot who gained sentience when the park was closed and she and the other robots were abandoned. Bearing a grudge against humanity, she now seeks revenge. Yasha is a master swordsman and is armed with a katana. She possesses the ability to superimpose her domain, Samurai Park, across the space-time continuum over the section of downtown where the amusement park once stood. In addition, she can telepathically command all of the Samurai Park mannequins as well as remotely observe any location within the park.


Danbei, Akagamu and Daiko spying on Chokei and Natsuko. During this time a mysterious shadow covers Cosplay City. The strange shadow transports Cosplay City to a strange dimension which is ruled by a strange woman named Yasha. Our heroes are split up into pairs, (Danbei and Honey, Akagamu and Daiko, Chokei and Natsuko) and are forced to fight with Yasha's animated mannequins. Enemies in this episode include the Shinsen Gumi Samurais and the Lady Ninjas. After many transformations, Honey makes her way to Yasha's tower. After an exchange of words, Yasha, who has been possessed by Panther Zora tranforms into a huge metallic snake monster. Honey partially transforms into her metal armoured knight form, and uses her metal armed punch to knock Yasha down. Yasha falls onto a wooden stake and dies. A discussion about the mannequins from Samurai Park, an old abandoned amusement park that has been closed down for bankruptcy. Honey begins to cry as she thinks of how very lonely Yasha must have been.