Eee hee hee! And to think I got the star without even soiling my hands! I'm such a genius, it scares me sometimes. No wonder I'm so important!
~ Yaridovich

Yaridovich is the spear-themed monster created by Smithy in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


When Mario entered Seaside Town, Yaridovich disguised himself as the elder (as well as several Toads) and asked Mario to get the Star Piece from the Sea for him. Once Mario did, Yaridovich and the Toads he separated into took the star and ran. They reached a dead end. Yaridovich was about to swim away (as Blade was late), but Johnny stopped them. They then combined into Yaridovich's true form. He then fought Mario. Yaridovich used devastating attacks that inflicted around 50 damage, but Peach healing the team made the attacks manageable. He also split into two, in which the real Yaridovich was distinguishable because he had a higher defense than his clone. Once defeated, Yaridovich was destroyed, and Mario got the star back.

Like the other characters (even the dead ones), Yaridovich appeared in the parade during the credits (which was merely a way of showing the characters in it, and should not be considered canon). He, along with Mack and Bowyer, was struck by Smithy's hammer.

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