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Yard is a terrorist organization that slaughters innocent people for fun and pleasure, I'll do that bastards pay!
~ Mana Takamiya about the Yard organization.
Yard is an antagonistic faction in Date A Live. Yard is a terrorist organization and they are a crime syndicate located in London. They also are the main antagonists of the light novel Mana Mission.

The organization is composed of some Wizards and criminals that formerly served the Special Sorcery Service and the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, after they abused the magical powers given to them. They was concentrated on robbery.

The organization came to an end when Mana Takamiya defeated Charllote Meyers, leading to her arrest for the crime of treason against humanity, however, some members of the Yard still resisted even without a leader to command the operations of them, but despite other members tried to resist, they were gradually being captured by the Wizards of D.E.M Industries, SSS Forces and the England Police Force.

Notable Members



  • As bizarre as it seems, the symbol of the Yard is similar of the Symbol of Chaos, representing the chaos and destruction, according to the bible.
  • Yard has some similarities with the organization Laughing Coffin, both are composed of human that already once been part of another faction and after receiving powers, became psychopathic murderers who kill millions of innocent until.


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