Yara is a villain from the Marvel comics version of Conan the Barbarian.


Yara learnt the Black Magic used in the ancient barbaric times and became a powerful sorcerer.

Yara arrived in Khitai where he met Yag-Kosha, an alien from another world who was worshipped as a god. Yara understood that Yag-Kosha could teach him many things so feigned friendship with him and Yag-Kosha taught Yara his wisdom. But Yara, ambitious and thirsty of power, wanted more. Yag-Kosha refused to talk him about the black magic he had learned over the eons so Yag-Kosha used his sorcerous powers, ambushing and capturing Yag-Kosha and forcing him to reveal his secrets.

Yara brought Yag-Kosha to Arenjun and forced Yag-Kosha to create a tower for him in a single night. Yag-Kosha raised the Tower of the Elephant and used it as his home.

300 years passed while Yara learned everything from Yag-Kosha by torturing him with fire and the wheel of torture. He chained Yag-Kosha in the Tower, blinding him and breaking his arms and legs.

In the court of Zamora, Yara had a squabble with a hostile prince. Using a shining gem, he transformed the prince into a little black spider and mashed him with his foot.

During a night, years later, Yara was going back to the tower. He was spied by Conan the Cimmerian. Yara approached the Tower garden's gate but the guard didn't recognized him. He threatened the guard and entered, leaving a fearful sensation in Conan.

Yara partook of some yellow lotus and rested in a sleep with open eyes in his Ebony room.

Conan and Taurus climbed the Tower. Taurus was killed by a giant guardian spider and Conan met Yag-Kosha. While Yara was still "sleeping", Conan the Cimmerian entered in his room and called him, rousing him. Yara threatened the Barbarian but Conan put down the Heart of the Elephant on a small table and pronounced the words that Yag-Kosha told him shortly before, the "Spell of the Blood and the Gem". Yara understood that his prisoner was fleeing in some way and angrily grabbed the purple-red gem. Unable to take his eyes off the gem, Yara 's body started to shrink in size. The sorcerer tried to run away from the Heart but an invisible magnetic force held him close. Yara turned back and climbed on the top of the Heart and tried to invoke his gods with his barely voice. Soon he started to sink into the Heart. In that wide purple sea, Yara saw Yag-Kosha, no longer a cripple, no longer blind, flying above him. The evil sorcerer tried to run away from the winged avenger, then the Heart of the Elephant exploded in thousands of shimmering lights. Conan ran away from the Tower just in time to save himself from the Tower crumbling in the purple sunrise, shimmering in pieces as the Heart did before.