Yamcha is a martial artist and former desert bandit from the manga and animated series Dragon Ball Z. He used to be a bandit until he befriends Goku and his friends and joins him in his quest for the legendary Dragon Balls.


He and Puar lived in the Diablo Desert and robbed everyone that came across their territory. When Goku and Oolong were there he challenged Goku which he almost won but Yamcha's weakness of women made him run away when Bulma woke up and he saw her. He ended up hearing of the Dragon Balls when Goku and Oolong were talking in a motor home and decided to set a new goal which was to allow them to get the Dragon Balls and pop in during the last moment and take the wish. He then fought against Goku the next morning but lost as Goku was not hungry like before. He then pretended to have changed by giving them a car as means of apology, but it secretly had a tracker in it so they could them. Yamcha wanted to wish for his shyness of women to go away but when he teamed up with Goku, Bulma and Oolong to get them back from Pilaf he ended up being with Bulma (though they later broke up). By Dragon Ball Z he became one of Goku's main allies and part of the Z Fighters which was the strongest fighters on earth that helped defeat any forces of evil, but he became less important when more powerful characters like Vegeta came around, and he eventually retired from fighting after the Cell Games.