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Yamatoyo no Momohime is the final boss of the Touhou Project fangame, Riverbed Soul Saver. She's the daughter of a late shaman queen of legend, put into cryogenic sleep within the Shangri-La Palace for protection against the Royal Family enemies' invasions.


When the Royal Family's enemies attacked, she was accomodated in the Shangri-La palace; the palace walls possesed magical powers that, thanks to her Demonic Artes, would keep her comfortable in a cold sleep and free from harm. The Palace would also prevent her from dying, but this backfired when the invasion made the Palace sink into the deep waters with the princess still in it. She was trapped; and to make matters worse, as long as she remained inside it, she could not die either. Thanks to the efforts of Himemiko and Tarumi, she was freed from her seal.

When Yukari's border powers opened a way to a new dimension to keep youkai at bay, something she had not contemplated happened: The cold air caused by the pyramid walls of the Palace in response to her Demonic Artes designed to make her sleep, escaped through this gap; causing a cold front to reach Gensokyo.