Four Face
Yamandakka (known as Four Face in the English dub) is the twelfth and final Cardian that was sent by Alan and Ann to gather energy for the Makaiju.

Yamandakka was used to gather energy for the Hell Tree, which was withering and close to dying. She attacked the audience of a Sailor Moon live action show (which included Naru and Umino) and drained their energy. However, the energy further weakened the Hell Tree rather than giving it life. That evening, when Usagi came over to see An and Ail at their apartment, the Hell Tree able to wrap it's vines around her hair and drain some of her energy. An and Ail later discovered Usagi's energy had given the tree some hope and it sprouted a seedling. Yamandakka attempted to strengthen the seedling with the energy she had drained earlier but Hell Tree rejected it and the seedling died.

An lured Usagi to the Hell Tree again in hopes of feeding her to the tree. Yamandakka grabbed Usagi and attempted to drain her energy. The Hell Tree then wrapped its vines around Usagi and Mamoru and killed Yamandakka by slamming her on the ground.


  • In the original anime, Four Face could only repeat her name and short forms of it.
  • In the English dub, she was capable of speech.
  • In the original anime, she was voiced by Chiyoko Kawashima, while in the English dub, she was voiced by Loretta Jafelice.