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Douji & Hime of Yamabiko Kosuge

Douji & Hime of Yamabiko Kosuge

Yamabiko: The giant-type Makamou with the features of a parrot and an ape that has long hair which covers much of its face, able to mimic the sounds in the mountain side. It first appeared in Okutama where it was destroyed by Hibiki's Kaen Renda form.

Another Yamabiko appeared in Kosuge, pursed by Danki in Episode 13. The Yamabiko attempted to avenge its parents, only to be wounded Midaredouji and killed soon after.

Douji and Hime

They were raising a Yamabiko at Okutama, resembled monkeys and were prone to maniacal laughter while using the fog to cover their abductions, killing the victim and using their voices to feed it. While Douji was destroyed by Hibiki's Onibidume, Hime fell to Hibiki's Onibi, though their child was able to fend for itself by then.

Another pair were among the victims devoured by Midaredouji in episode 13.

Douji & Hime of Yamabiko Okutama

Douji & Hime of Yamabiko Okutama